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I have been asked on several occasions if I have access to Daguerreotype cameras. As I cannot afford the

record 576,000 Euros (paid in 2007) I have decided to manufacture the cameras to an old design. The one

pictured is a mahogony sliding wooden box camera. The brass original Victorian lens gives the camera

authenticity. This model is a whole plate camera.I can be used for Daguerreotypes, wet plate and other forms

traditional or alternative photography.All cameras have the unique CBW marking.

The camera is available for sale or hire p.o.a.




Also recently made this 1/2 plate camera, shown below,for the new Emma Thompson written

film about John Ruskin and Effie Gray; EFFIE 2012.




My latest camera just finished is a cute little quarter plate sliding box camera with brass lens. Standard 1/4 plate wooden darkslide fit in this camera.


This CBW halfplate camera has a mighty f /2.5 lens. It also has a reducing plate, so that standard 5" x 4" International darkslides can be used.

I restore old cameras and lenses.

The vintage 'Lancaster' 1/4 plate below was treated by CBW

More restorations....


An Ensign Houghton Triple Victo 1/2 plate, restored.


Thornton Pickard College 1/2 plate, restored.

Hasselblad 500 c/m with replacement leatherette.

Graflex, Speed Graphic repair shutter and renovation, Hasselblad replace leatherette.

Nikkormat leatherette and light seal replacement.

Camera collection, any available for sale or hire, please enquire.



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