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Christopher Brenton West (BA Hons, Dip AD) was trained in and practiced silversmithing (see below for images) in the late 1970's at Medway College of Design and later went on to a First Class Honours Degree at Plymouth in Photography. He lives near Oxford.

He now teaches the art and makes commissions for artists and collectors. He advised in the production of 'Creation' (2009) a film about Charles Darwin. He also advised the makers of 'Irongate' and the BBC for the series 'The Genius of Inventions'. He supplied a Daguerreotype (taken by Ruskin) and the camera for the Emma Thompson film 'Effie'.

The unique and inimitable attribute of some of these images is that they are produced on 999/1000 pure silversheets. These are hallmarked at the London Assay Office and carry his unique makers' mark 'CBW' illustrated above. There is an intrinsic value before the silver iodide image even appears.

Christopher Brenton West is one of the very few practicing Daguerreotypists in Great Britain.


CBW has been asked on several occasions for some images of silver work. Pictures of a number of pieces have been added below.

Alas, most items were stolen from The Ritz in London when on display in 1980.







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