Christopher Brenton West will undertake commissions to make your favourite portrait

or picture in to a pure silver hallmarked Daguerreotype. Simply send a digital file, print,

negative, or transparency and we will do the rest. A low contrast image works best ,

advice is given as to whether the picture will make a suitable Daguerreotype. Once

made the image is sealed behind crystal clear 2mm non reflective museum glass with a

machine cut brass spacer to avoid contact between the image and the glass. This sealed

unit can then be framed or put in a case.


“Beauty is eternity gazing at itself in a mirror.” Kahlil Gibran


Some feedback from some commission clients.


'I just opened the exciting dag delivery and wanted to let you know how delighted I am with the results -
they are so beautiful'. (Heidi)  

CBW collaborated with Heidi Hinder with a commission from the Birmingham
Museum of Art


'A first glance the images look good and the images of the girls look great. The girl with her face turned away from the camera looks amazing! I am blown away at the detail both in her hair and in the background and sky, the area of concerned, worked out amazingly well clouds and all'. (Rosemary)

'I have just unpacked the daguerreotypes. They look great. What a good job you've done
on the framing and mounting too. It all looks very classy and prestigious. I really appreciate all your hard work, skill and craftsmanship.
' (Lucy)




Reprints from your image, from £400.00

Wooden frames and conservation mounts, from £200.00

Wooden frames with Tru Vue glass(virtually non-reflective glass) from £250.00



You can email using the contact link above




John, an art project, displayed in Gravesend Town Hall






The images from 'La Nature Morte' and 'The Pierrot' series are available for sale.

They are mounted in CBW Carbon Fibre handmade cases.


If you do not want a Carbon Fibre case, CBW uses wooden frames, wooden cases and acrylic sandwich

frames. They all look superb. Prices on application. You can of course have your Daguerreotype simply

mounted behind glass as a unit to frame or mount as you wish.


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